Saturday, July 29, 2017

Lesson 1

I'm Don Kinnier.
Currently I serve as the chaplain for a funeral home in South Central Pennsylvania and on the music and worship staff
of a United Methodist Church, in the same area.
I have worked at the funeral home as both organist and a general assistant for about ten years.
Several years ago the funeral directors were finding it difficult to locate ministers to work with families who had no church affiliations.
(There was a tendency of a number of ministers to proselytize rather than eulogize and it left the mourners shaking their heads and wondering
what had just happened.)
I mentioned to the funeral director, during a trip back from an interment, that I was ordained.
Based on my ordination and a fairly well honed skill set for working with people experiencing upset and grief,
they asked me to serve as their company chaplain. I have been working with grieving families to, compose obituaries, help plan meaningful services and to assist in
getting them thru, what for most folks can be, a very difficult time.

I am taking this course, and others, to fill in the areas where I know I need additional work and to discover what I 'don't know that I don't know.'

From a spiritual point of view I associate most closely with the teachings of Jesus though not with the religion of Christianity.
I see that there is truth in all religious practices and that no religious practice has all of the truth.
Even though I serve in a Methodist Church, my views are more liberal and closer to those of the United Church of Christ.

Both the Methodist Church and The UCC have very active programs of chaplain's ministries,
with representation in the military, law enforcement, medical and business sectors. That said, in order to
be a Chaplain within either denomination you must first be a university and seminary graduate and be ordained in the denomination.

The work of non-denominational and inter-faith chaplains is extremely important in our society. With a decline in church membership
and a shift in beliefs away from the supernatural aspects of many religions, the availability of chaplains capable of ministering to people regardless of where they
are spiritually or emotionally helps to fill a very real void. As a funeral chaplain, I have no mandate to bring people to God. In fact my mandate is just the opposite,
and that is to bring God (regardless of name) to people and help them to connect with something larger than themselves.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lesson 2

Describe someone you know who has the Divine Mark. What set them apart?

- My biological mother and her husband both had "something different" about them that I picked up on when I first got to know them in late 2014 and early 2015. They had a special kind of peace and joy that i didn't know was the fruits of the spirit.This ultimately led me to my new Christian faith and journey. I have observed this in other people, then asked them if they were Christians. They always say yes.

Has anyone observed the mark in you? Write down what they have said?

- I'm not totally sure, my adoptive mother told me I acted like an "old soul" as a baby, which may have been a Godly manifestation of some kind. I can say that I was "pulled" by God towards spiritual life many years ago, as if by a predestined plan. I didn't see it as a Divine plan until recently.

Consider your calling. Describe it in a paragraph or two.

I feel continuously pulled towards prayer and spiritual contemplation. I also feel drawn towards unbelievers or those of little faith, in a very sympathetic way. It's very new and I'm still trying to allow for Divine guidance instead of my own. I see myself involved in some kind of prayer ministry, but don't know yet how to begin that. I had an experience once in a supermarket where I was all of a sudden "pulled" to pray for a woman I saw but didn't know. I panicked and the "moment of opportunity" faded away. I felt very convicted and sorry to God for failing. I hope to be put to that kind of test in the future, in order to fulfill that duty.

-Zack G.-

Friday, June 9, 2017

Lesson 19

Tool Belt
- Business cards, I often find I do run out and when I need them they are not there so toad e amount of 25 should make sure I don't run out. 
- Small calendar and notepad
-Breath mints I like that ideal I will have to include them.

Tool Box
- Laptop computer.
-a raincoat and umbrella since I liv in a rainy area and the weather always changes.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Lesson 18

1. Stressor points
    a.  Wanting  to please al the people.
    b.  Finding time for my own lone time to worship.
    c.  Over scheduling by not being able to say "NO"
2.  Week
    .a.  Busy between 11-4 daily
3.    My Plan
    a.  Leave bigger gaps
    b.  Schedule more conveniently. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lesson 17

1.  I am only accountable to God, in my ministry and personnal life.
2.  I don't have  a mentor, but would love to have one.
3.  My plan would be to visit other church's in the area and get an idea on thier belief system and maybe find the right mentor.

Lesson 16

I don't really see anyone as a soul-friend at this time. I know I need to visit more at service's, I am more of a one on one type person and not comfortable in bigger crowds.
Outside of the ministry I do have a good friend although our beliefs differ from each other we keep each other in check with respect and honesty.
This doesn't mean that someday I will not find a soul-friend through prayer and patience I believe all things are possible

Lesson 15

I think a simple place outside the church building in the court yard would be my place to  hold worship.
I have a garden spot I use for weddings I can convert for meetings simply by re arranging a few items.
I can use the speakers and computer for music.
I would play the music, than ask for prayer requests after the closing prayer, we can congregate and visit with each other.