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lesson 3


I believe i'm a good listener and i've been told this often

I was raised in a home with extremely open mined, empathetic, logical and rational parents who have instilled these traits in me.

i have developed keen observation skills over the course of my life and i really must contribute it to an early and life long fascination with sherlock holmes and work in many fields with a vast cross-section of people.

I know myself to have patience understanding and tolerance in abondance.


there is a side of me that wants to find solutions for everyone who comes to me with a problem. i know i cant and on most accounts no one is looking for me to solve their problems. my plan is a simple one to try and rectify this. wake up every morning and remind myself that i am only human, i can only do what i can and only when asked. other then that to slow down and listen with my heart.

i am not versed enough in enough faiths prayers. Again my plan is simple, read more much of prayers of multiple faiths and write and resite.

current affairs and trends are a weak point to i do not keep up enough with then. some more diligent reading on such matters.

after researching and careful thought to this next part of the lesson i've found myself quit stumped. I don't follow a specific faith nor do i follow any singular faiths dogma. my goal in this work is to be a multi faith chaplain and my personal spirituality is basic, its dogma simple and as followed 1. speak the truth 2. do what is right 3. harm nothing and i would keep that which is sacred to others and follow the rules of the faiths of those that i would minister to. it has been very difficult to find any information on a multi faith chaplain that has not chosen an organized religion that they personally follow. so i don't have any information as to the guidelines that my faith has to becoming any form of clergy.

lesson 1

The work chaplains do is very important. Through the years they have brought comfort, aid and hope to an endless amount of people.  Giving spiritual aid to hurting souls  in their time of need, giving guidance to the lost and comfort to the ill. I was raised catholic but left the church in my youth but i have met and talked with many of chaplains in many different serving roles.  I see them as doing the leg work for the Devine powers that be. I believe that the world needs them now maybe more then ever and for them to be even more diversified. As the world is growing and changing in so many and complex ways so are the problems and hurdles that Plague its inhabitants, on top of the ones that seem to have always been here.  I believe the role for the modern chaplain is to be on the front lines so to speak with the people who are meeting these things head on. The world is growing further away from spirituality finding it mundane or hypocritical or chalk it up to just plan absurd reasoning or logic and i think its the job of the chaplains to help bring them back by words as well as actions. 

lesson 2

In my youth i was a troubled teen and During a stay in a drug rehab i met the house chaplain who sought me out at lunch my 3rd day. We sat and talked and I was marveled at the air around him, it seemed fresher and his mannerism was quite, pleasant and confident with a purpose. During my stay we spent a lot of time together and got to know one another very well and i enjoyed my time with him immensely.

He would tell me about his work and calling, every so often he would ask me if i ever thought about being a chaplain or what course i thought god was directing me. When i left we kept in contact for some years and he never stopped reminding me that i should think about a life reaching for those who are in need of spiritual healing.

As for my own idea of my calling i have found at times it difficult to describe to myself. Long ago i left the the construct of organized religion for personal reasons. Since then  i've been on a rollercoaster of spiritual discovery and what feels like driven by the idea that i wanted, needed maybe even had to know all i can about all of it. I've never disapproved of anyone's beliefs in anyway i don't shun personal spiritual beliefs i find it makes my heart happy when people do have them whatever they may be and when it comes to healing, guiding or helping in any way on these matters i feel a longing and a nudging to step forward and be that what is being called. I guess i can best described it as a calling to be a multi-faith spiritual helper for any who needs when they need it.

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lesson 4

since i do not have a chosen faith these tasked to ask questions with in it are difficult. i will try to find ways to do the work as best i can. in this case i chose buddhism as the faith and found an interview with one and what you will read was taken in part from that interview. i hope this will suffice. Thank you for your time 

Mohr is one of three active-duty Buddhist chaplains in the Army . he accepted a direct commission into the Army eight years ago to serve as a Buddhist chaplain because he saw a spiritual need that he felt he was capable of meeting.  Mohr said that he felt called to the Army to serve and minister to Soldiers of all faiths. He said that first calling still drives him regardless of faith or denomination.

Among the challenges he sees at his new post will be getting to know the military police mindset while understanding the very different mission set that the military police have, compared to the combined arms unit that he was assigned to where he served as the battalion chaplain for the 2nd Battalion, 70th Armor Regiment at Fort Riley, Kansas.

At Fort Riley, he held Buddhist services for his very small congregation weekly, or as frequently as possible when in the field. "I welcomed anyone who wished to attend my services even if it was just out of curiosity. My job is to provide religious support to anyone who asks."

He has conducted various command ceremonial functions upon request, such as offering invocations and benedictions at changes of command and at prayer luncheons. If he is asked to perform a task that he was unable to perform, such as conducting a Catholic Mass or a Catholic wedding, for example, he will refer such requests to a chaplain who could. Mohr said that this is a key concept in the Chaplain Corps, and one he enthusiastically supports. Other examples of him serving Soldiers without regard for differences in faith included providing a Jewish Soldier with Kosher Meals-Ready-to-Eat during his unit's recent field training. He coordinated with supply personnel to ensure those meals were available during training. One of his greatest honors so far occurred a few years ago when the California Army National Guard asked him to conduct a military funeral for a Buddhist Soldier. The Soldier's family, who was also Buddhist, specifically requested that a Buddhist chaplain conduct the service

he also conducts services on post for key Buddhist holidays such as Enlightenment Day, Buddha's Birthday and Ullambana. It can be challenging to find ways to conduct unique, meaningful Buddhist events like the yearly Lantern floating.

He has served the spiritual needs of about 150 Buddhist Soldiers since he was commissioned in 2009. He has provided spiritual support and comfort to injured Soldiers as often as necessary, and this year alone, he has helped nine suicidal Soldiers work toward resolving the issues that brought them to their darkest places.

He has siad that typical of all chaplains, most of his days are filled with a mix of staff meetings, ministry of presence, being present where Soldiers are training or working and addressing concerns or issues that they bring up, and spiritual guidance or counseling sessions wherein a Soldier's issues are given full attention in a more formally confidential setting. "However, you never know when a request for help from a Soldier or an Army couple seeking to plan their wedding will take precedence and shift the entire plan for that day."

The highlights of any day are when he gets to work with fellow chaplains to "deliver relevant, meaningful ministry experiences." These would include a spiritual fitness run conducted with Christian chaplain peers or bringing another chaplain to visit his unit to conduct worship services in the field.

"One of Buddhism's core teachings is practice equanimity or mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation," Mohr said. "In Buddhism, this means to remain centered in the midst of whatever is happening, but it also means that one is to practice a calm compassion when working with people of all faiths."

Lesson 8

Please find the attached answer to Lesson 9.

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chaplaincy course content

I am enjoying the content. I have not found where to post homework assignments on the website.