Sunday, September 15, 2013

Master of Chaplaincy Studies lesson 2

Recognizing the calling of the spirit on another's life is more often than not, for me, a subtle thing.  As exampled in the lesson, it often is a unspoken sense, or if I may, an aura about the person, that  first inkling that something is different, special.  I am often drawn to a certain someone in a seemly normal situation. After a few moments in their presence there is an awareness that there is more beneath the surface.  Some may call it kindred spirits.  I think it is more a linking of the Spirit.
One person that comes to mind  when I look for an example of true calling. I will call him Dave. He lead my small congregation for many years.  As a man, he had his share of bumps and boils, but still there was that specialness about him that went beyond understanding.  He was a servant leader in every aspect.  His example guides me.
Yes, I have had affirmation of a calling.  Just this week I shared with an unlikely group (putting myself out there and expecting ridicule) my course of study.  I received affirmation all around, and especially one lady, even several days later, return ED to me with encouraging words of support.
I feel called to a interfaith discipline of chaplaincy. Since very young I have had a burden for the loners of the world.  I empathize with the hurt in the hearts and souls of all people.  I have a strong desire to understand all forms of spirituality and endeavor to find the similarities rather than the differences in our spiritual practices.  I have a strong desire to be a uniter rather than a divider.  I see my position more in the realm of volunteer.  Homeless shelters, soup kitchens, support groups.  Prayers for my growth and success are coveted.