Monday, October 25, 2010

Chaplaincy Course

Lesson 2

This for me was a lessen that confirmed my feelings about the Divine call on my life. I have one such friend who lead me to Christ way back when we were kids. His desire and drawing to know Christ and share his faith drew me into the faith. I look back and see the desire that has now grown into a Church for my friend today in New York. Just think from the cow paths to New York, which is some desire in my eyes. 

My own desire has grown over the years from Psalm 18 when God pulled me out from the hard core drugs and all. The hole chapter could have my name at the top, because in so many ways the scriptures has rang true in my life. Through out my life when I was saved as a child god spoke to me Act 20: 24. I've been running the race ever since that day when my buddy Dave lead me to know faith in Christ. I've been seeking and hide'n and getting found by the Hound of Heaven ever since he drew me with cords of love that can't be broken. Even thought I rose to the top of the Outlaw Biker lifestyle God wouldn't let me stay there. He drew me right to the edge of Hell and grabbed hold of my heart and said "Carry on my way ward son"

Today this Divine calling speaks to me as it did way back then to reach out to those in Prison who I once walked with in the Outlaw Biker World. Funny thing about all I say is that it is not what I desire to do with my life, but yet can't see my life going any other way. Doesn't make reason to you the reader? Try being in my shoes also. LOL



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