Friday, June 9, 2017

Lesson 19

Tool Belt
- Business cards, I often find I do run out and when I need them they are not there so toad e amount of 25 should make sure I don't run out. 
- Small calendar and notepad
-Breath mints I like that ideal I will have to include them.

Tool Box
- Laptop computer.
-a raincoat and umbrella since I liv in a rainy area and the weather always changes.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Lesson 18

1. Stressor points
    a.  Wanting  to please al the people.
    b.  Finding time for my own lone time to worship.
    c.  Over scheduling by not being able to say "NO"
2.  Week
    .a.  Busy between 11-4 daily
3.    My Plan
    a.  Leave bigger gaps
    b.  Schedule more conveniently. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lesson 17

1.  I am only accountable to God, in my ministry and personnal life.
2.  I don't have  a mentor, but would love to have one.
3.  My plan would be to visit other church's in the area and get an idea on thier belief system and maybe find the right mentor.

Lesson 16

I don't really see anyone as a soul-friend at this time. I know I need to visit more at service's, I am more of a one on one type person and not comfortable in bigger crowds.
Outside of the ministry I do have a good friend although our beliefs differ from each other we keep each other in check with respect and honesty.
This doesn't mean that someday I will not find a soul-friend through prayer and patience I believe all things are possible

Lesson 15

I think a simple place outside the church building in the court yard would be my place to  hold worship.
I have a garden spot I use for weddings I can convert for meetings simply by re arranging a few items.
I can use the speakers and computer for music.
I would play the music, than ask for prayer requests after the closing prayer, we can congregate and visit with each other.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Lesson 14

1.  Weddings and Funerals are the only ministry I have performed to date but am looking forward to some others.
2.  Our church does on christmas and easter.
3.  My marriage policy i simple.
    a.  I go over the wishes of the bride and groom
    b.  I ask for a pre-wedding meeting, where we get to know each other.
    c.  If they want a rehearsal that would be our next step.
    d. Wedding day
    e. Follow up about 2 to 3 months afterward.

Lesson 13

1.Self Awareness- Growing up as a girl scout, I always plan ahead, I like no surprise's but when they happen I am prepared.
2.  Respect   the sex-  I have a good strong marriage it took many years to get to this place, with my experience's and age I feel I can handle this feat well.
3.  Money-  I only except donations which always goes back into my ministry.
4.  Compassion Fatigue - I believe in taking care of my body, spirit and mind. This is always my first consideration.
5.  Pride- This is a downfall for me and I have to work on it a lot by not over judging or reacting to fast it is a daily shore.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Lesson 12

To improve my counseling,  I need to read people better.  Some time's g what they really want to say. By listening to the hidden meaning behind the words I can help to figure out the best way to help.  Also, by having allot of resources handy will help i.e. broacher's and pamphlets for women's abuse and places for feeding the hungry and housing.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Lesson 11

The last time I councilled someone was yesturday, so it is fresh on my mind. 

A good friend of mine lost her mother, and I haven't seen her in 10 years.  I first dropped her a card at her Mother's house where she was staying to let her know I cared and was there for her.  At the service I took her
aside for about 10 minutes to pray with her although she is not a christian I believed it was a help to her.  After that I made an appointment to meet with her at a later date. 

I feel by getting with her in a few days all the activity at the service would not interfer with our conversation so much. 

Lesson 10

1.  I am not one of touch as my past has led me to a place where my space is mine, although I am working on touch as time goes by.
2. I think my plan would be to greet the person in a welcoming way, my smile say millions.  After that I may ask if they would like to hold hands in prayer,  I respect rights of individuals.  When I am out  in my community
I usually wait for the other person to make the first move on hugs and contact.  I plan to always respect the rights of other.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

about lesson 9

The first lesson of 9 is really 8
Sorry about that

Lesson 9

I have learned I need to be more attentive and not judgemental.. To have all my facts and references available to help in situatuions.  To listen with empathy and compassion.  My body
language means alott also need to listen to body language of my counselee's.

Lesson 9

1.  I think availability and honesty is two major components to building trust in your community.
2.  Get out in the community and help where you can around my area the best places to accomplish this would be at festivals and the parks, community meetings   and my church.
3.  I am already a mandatory reporter for child abuse because I drive a School Bus. I report on domestic abuse and child neglect cases.

Lesson 7

Being a tourist town we have a lot of RV Parks, the one we have here in town also has a community building.  I at one time lived in this park and often thought of how nice it would be to have services there on Sundays.  I think
every one who visits the area have to go to one of the bigger churches. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lesson 6

1. We don't have any chaplains in this area.  I do know of one minister that goes to the jail to minister, he only does this on his own time and not for emergency situations.

2.When a disaster happens the Red Cross and Salvation Army Ministers and Social Workers step in to access each situation and help where they can.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Lesson 5

1. I talked to our local hospital, they do not have chaplains on site.  If a family is in need the hospital will call the families clergy to come down.
2.  I live in a small town, I think they don't have a chapel or prayer room in our hospital.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lesson 4

1.  I meet a chaplain in the Army, but that was along time ago and didn't have a good experience with him.
2.  My denomination does not represent the military.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Lesson 3

1.  The skills I maintain are easy going, good Listener, and allot of experiences.
2.   The skills I lack are education and Bible learning.
3.   I will seek to improve by checking out books at the library and online learning.  Also, getting out in the community and volunteering.
4.   Church Qualifications: To be of a calling, that we do what is right and live fruitful lives.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Lesson 2

1  A Pastor of a small church in Riverside, California. At a young age he had the gift of communication, I watched as his small church grow, it grew so fast they had to put speakers
   outside to service his followers, he made a difference in my life and many others.

2.  I believe they have for years I had several people accuse me of being righteous I took it as an insult, till I learned it was a good thing now I am proud to be called.

3.  One night, I lived a state away from Oregon, I had a dream to pack up and leave and go back to Oregon, I believed this came from God. The next morning I left it was a
     7-8 hour drive.  When I arrived at a friends house, she was sitting in the dark with pain in her heart. She asked me about being a Christian I ministered to her she joined
     a church the next day.
    I believed God sent me to her in her time of need, as she had just been raped and was ready to give up on life, this was my first calling.  Off and on since that time
    God has placed me where he needs me all across the country and I thank him for choosing me to serve him to help other women of Abuse.

Lesson 1

1. Chaplains serve in prisons, hospitals and truck stops
- Some chaplains are community or business based
-Chaplains are usually traveling ministers or minister to people traveling
-They are not faith based but knowledgeable all faiths
2.My faith group does not  have chaplains as far as I know
3.My view is that chaplains they are very much in need in the future as our world change so does our ministry